The Power of Asking Why

Have you ever had one of those days where you gained more energy and enthusiasm as the day progressed? Yesterday was one of those days for me, to the extent that I was still wide awake and working at midnight (very rare as I’m usually asleep by 10pm)

I had met Edward Zia at a NSW Chamber of Commerce networking event. He was up-beat, friendly and offered to spread the word about my book and business. So, when I saw he had unsubscribed from my emails, I sent a note to him asking why.

Within a short time, he responded. He apologised, assured me it was a mistake and offered to buy me a coffee or lunch.

Yesterday was our meeting day.

Over cups of tea in a CBD hotel, we shared personal stories and found we are both originally from Melbourne. Edward’s enthusiasm is contagious and I found myself warming to him as he outlined his business model. As a marketing mentor and consultant Edward works mostly with SMEs. He walks his talk and delivers excellent free webinars and content, as well as workshops. He loves what he does and it oozes out of his pores.

Suddenly, an hour and a half had passed. Edward took selfies and I committed myself to a 30 day blogging challenge (prolific beats perfect!), which I’d been thinking about for months.  He steered me towards some new networking opportunities and we parted as colleagues instead of faces in a crowded room.

If someone does something you think is out of character, ask them why. Not only will you learn something, it could lead to new opportunities and a new friend.

You never know what can come out of a conversation.