"I believe that in this stressful, time-constrained, chaotic world, we can find a place of calm, a place of flow and we can build our resilience."

I’m known as an Executive Whisperer, specialising in Everyday Resilience.  I work with stressed, burned out, time poor executives who want to deal with and overcome their issues to develop skills necessary to flourish in an increasingly unpredictable business environment. They are asking the question "What more is there to my life?"

Clients become: Less stressed,  More engaged, and More productive. Which is Good for you and Good your business

 My book, written for business people, is called Everyday Resilience – Creating Calm from Chaos

(Photograph by Ian Barnes)

(Photograph by Ian Barnes)

With over twenty years experience in People Development, I’ve worked with all levels from CEOs to grads and found that many people are: Stressed – They work long hours, not taking holidays, getting sick Overwhelmed and stuck and as a result, they are Not engaged, not enjoying what they do and not working to their potential

From the business’s perspective, this means they are: Not productive and the business is not as profitable.

I have developed a unique framework of '7 Rs of Resilience'.  My view of Resilience is about how we use tools and strategies to anticipate situations and respond, no matter what life throws at us.

I give presentations, run organisational team programs and have 1-1 coaching programs.

My business philosophy is reflected in the name:  Head – good academic knowledge and intellectual research,   Hand – skills and practice to develop them, and Heart – the emotional connection needed to actually do anything or take action.

Participants or employees become: Less stressed,  More engaged, and More productive. Which is Good for you and Good your business

I’m known for being a Change Catalyst and helping people change their lives. And I leave clients feeling they have new skills and attitudes to turned their chaos into calm

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providing a bridge from where you are to where you need to be

providing a bridge from where you are to where you need to be


My background is in personal and business coaching, training and facilitation of personal development, business management and speaking. I have worked with clients including people with their own business, professionals in corporations and people recovering from loss to help them see and act in new ways.  My major business focus is change management, alignment of individual work with organisational vision and objectives, personal productivity, personal empowerment and lifestyle issues.

What I love is when people tell me I inspire them, or have changed their life, particularly after speaking to a group or holding the space and listening to them talk during a 1-1 executive coaching session. 

I also love writing, especially stories where I find the ‘essence’ of a person and bring it to life. I’m very proud to have received 5 star reviews on Amazon for my book Everyday Resilience – Creating Calm from Chaos.

Some of my clients have include Commonwealth Bank, Chief Executive Women, Sustainable Business Australia, Blue Scope Steel, Australian Stock Exchange, Arnotts, St George Bank, AMP, Canon, Global Interface, Lion Nathan, Westpac, Standards Australia, AMP, Canon, Multiplex and Garvan Institute.

Qualifications include Bachelor of Arts (Psych, Phil) from University of New South Wales, Master of Applied Science (Social Ecology) from Western Sydney University, and Business Management. I am a past Director of Professional Development, National Speakers Association of Australia, an accredited administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and a former a mentor on the Women in Business Mentor program.