• Are you having trouble explaining what you do?
  • Do you lack confidence when you talk about your business?
  • Do you have amazing skills and are not attracting clients?
  • Do people look at your website and not buy?
  • Are you losing business because of your written offerings?

Would you like to:

  • Raise your self worth?
  • Explain clearly what you do?
  • Move from paralysis to having a funnel for business?
  • Have confidence in your pitch and ‘about me’ page?
  • State clearly how special your work is?

For over fifteen years, I've worked with small businesses, to help them clarify the value they bring to their clients, improve their communication skills and enhance their written word. I’d love to help you fine-tune your brochure, pitch or web pages to enable your prospective clients to see your value and the gifts they will receive from your work.

“I was blocking business as my documents weren’t clear and people couldn’t see how I could help them. You have given me confidence in my pitch and helped me explain what I do. I am happy to pay you to help make me more money.”  Michelle Rose. Rose Yoga Personal Development

PACKAGE 1: Re-write your brochure

What you get: 

In a one-on-one phone or face-to-face outcome based session, you will leave with a re-written clear 'elevator pitch', brochure or package document

(Prices may vary depending on number of pages. Based on two page document)

Phone Valerie Orton on +61 (0)411 728 045 or email

"The session enabled me to focus on my true values and needs.  It gave me clarity of thought." Carolen Barripp, CL Creations

PACKAGE 2: Re-write your website

What you get: 

In two one-on-one phone or face-to-face outcome based sessions, we will focus on your website. You will leave with re-written clear messages to your target clients. You will have more confidence in your offerings. Clients will see how special your work is and how it can change their lives.

(Prices may vary depending on number of pages. Based on a three page website)

Phone Valerie Orton on +61 (0)411 728 045 or email

"In a short time, Valerie created to concise sentences to better define the key strengths of Climakind. I appreciated her structured and focused approach, which forced me to think clearly about the unique selling proposition from a third person perspective. She was a great help." Michael Salvatico, CEO Climakind

PACKAGE 3: Re-write your business

In results focussed one-on-one phone or face-to-face sessions, we will re-write your business. You will have more clarity and confidence in your products or services. Potential clients will be able to see how special your work is and how it can change their lives. You will leave with re-written clear messages to your target clients.

What you get: 

  • Review your values
  • Review your vision
  • Review your mission
  • Review your target market
  • Review the value you bring to your clients
  • Clear elevator statement
  • Basic brochure re-write or start from scratch
  • Basic starter website pages re-write or start from scratch

(Prices may vary depending on number of pages. Based on two page brochure and three page website)

Phone Valerie Orton on +61 (0)411 728 045 or email

"The direction you have helped me establish is making me confident of a great outcome for both my clients and my own business." Bob Passier, Business Alliance

Package 4: Small Business Results Coaching

Once you have completed a package, you may want on-going support for other pages, or focus on other areas in your business.  You can book monthly ongoing coaching to keep you on track, achieve your goals and move through challenges that arise from time to time. This is Results Focused coaching.

What you get:

  • One personalised phone coaching call per month
  • Option to add an additional call at a reduced rate when needed
  • No contract
  • Results based session

Phone Valerie Orton on +61 (0)411 728 045 or email

"Thank you for your inspiring assistance in the development of my business. Your special strength is to lead people into being their own leaders. Through your work, business people gain an enhanced awareness of their core values – both professional and personal – and can then direct that awareness into a more credible statement of capability. In a broader sense you deserve recognition for promoting positive and ethical business communication. You add value not only to product and service but also to individual well-being." Paul Cosgrave, Photography, Words, People

"We needed to create a succinct statement as to our products / services and their benefit to clients. In not much more than an hour, she challenged and summarized our thinking until we had fashioned a core statement, which we can now use to help people understand our value." David Morrisey, Director, Sustainability Learning Institute

"Valerie is skilled at drawing out the answers and asking the right questions." Isobel Kirk, International acting trainer and voice coach

"Valerie was able to understand and analyse organisational objectives and learning imperatives. She made positive suggestions regarding strategic learning and development options for the organisation.  I regard her highly both professionally and personally." Nicole Murtagh. Manager, Professional Knowledge Services Standards Australia

"Not only did I learn a great deal about how people communicate, and how to ensure effective communication,.. you also taught me new ways of problem solving and how to unleash the creative talent inherent in us all.  Thank you for your wonderful coaching." Gretchen Alt, Wealthpac