You are skilled at drawing out the answers and asking the right questions.
Isobel Kirk

I was blown away by how much we achieved. I walked away with a clearer picture of my ideal job and the steps I need to take to achieve it.
Pauline Turner
You took me from being paralysed in my business to having a clear channel for people to come to me.          Michelle Rose, Rose Personal Development

I was unable to undertake some important complex legal paperwork due to the fact I am legally blind.
When Valerie offered to take this on, it was my lucky day! She liaised with Government departments, solicitors, accountants and other professionals to get the job done.

Valerie is efficient and thorough in her attention to detail and I am delighted with both her attitude and the result.
Bruce Ayling


You’re a lifesaver! Not only do you get things done – you are calming influence too
Richard de Vos

Valerie has had a long-lasting impact on me personally and my career. Over a decade later, I still find myself using the techniques and tools that Valerie taught me.
Andrew Gow
Director Coordinaire
During my 20 years plus in the HR field, … Valerie is right up there with the best I have ever encountered. Valerie’s caring approach is no act – she really does care! This reflects both her personal empathy and her uncanny insight to the needs analysis phase of her work.
Mick Duffy
BHP Steel

Thank you for providing the springboard into the clarification of this life’s little mysteries. You have a gift, most generously given, and I hope that many others will continue to have doors opened for them as I have.
Sue Lane Jones
Valerie has a lively optimism, many useful insights and the ability to take people on a journey which helps clarify priorities and offers some strategies for dealing with difficulties.
— Professor Christine Jenkins, University of Sydney
Thank you for the wonderful way you coached me for my book launch presentation. Your coaching style s dynamic, creative, pleasantly ruthless and full of enthusiasm. You really helped me gain poise and confidence, you shone light on the main focus of my talk and helped me find the best way to get my message across.
Rachel Flower
Co-author The Wisdom of Passion

I will be forever indebted to you Valerie, for your excellent coaching style. You certainly did have a continuing impact on me.
Julie Smith
BHP Steel